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Vinegar salt water whitening

Moisturizing is the most critical part of the skin care. Daily moisturizing work should be done. In addition to replenishing adequate water, you should also apply some moisturizing lotion to your skin.

Eat more foods that promote the health of your liver:

As we all know if there is damage, liver or other problems, would be a long spot, face problems such as dark heavy, so we must protect the liver health, daily eat more food is good for promote the liver. Also reduce the alcohol that can affect liver health, stay up late and so on bad habits.

3. Promote the happy mood:

"The mind" in fact, a lot of times, people's appearance can reflect a person's health, and researchers, said more people while maintaining the happy mood has promote whitening, beauty, and so on.

Avoid foods with high pigment content:

Like soy sauce, drinks and so on, it's better to avoid this type of food when you have a scar on your skin.

5. Timely go to the spot:

If there are spots on the face, such as stretch marks, black spots, etc. should be removed promptly, do more to promote metabolism, accelerate melanin food.

Vi. Sports:

Exercise can promote metabolism, promote blood, be beneficial to perspiration, natural also is beneficial to expel the toxin of the skin, be helpful for whitening.

Skin whitening is very simple, and of course in the pursuit of whitening, also want to pay attention to health, also should pay attention to maintain the elasticity of the skin, and pay more attention to the daily maintenance, can let oneself lovely in white.

For many women, want whitening will need for each kind of things can affect the skin, such as diet, exercise, will indirectly affect a woman's skin, so we want to protect skin, needs fully to understand the whitening method, for skin problems, also want to early treatment.

Cucumbers can whiten a woman's skin

What are the methods of whitening? What kind of whitening methods do you use? Do your skin feel elastic? Do you often use masks? Look what I've said about these skin-whitening ways! The effect is very good! Beauty care girls can try it!

Apply cucumber and whitening before bedtime

To go to sleep, take small cucumber to cut hailstorm to put on the face a few minutes to take down, a month your face will be white.

Late frost nutrition nursing

Use a late cream product that contains nutrients such as vitamins B, C, and P before bedtime to stimulate cell metabolism and blood return.

Dissolve the vinegar and salt water in a proportion


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